[ceph-users] mount cephfs on ceph servers

Hector Martin hector at marcansoft.com
Wed Mar 6 03:10:35 PST 2019

On 06/03/2019 12:07, Zhenshi Zhou wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm gonna mount cephfs from my ceph servers for some reason,
> including monitors, metadata servers and osd servers. I know it's
> not a best practice. But what is the exact potential danger if I mount
> cephfs from its own server?

As a datapoint, I have been doing this on two machines (single-host Ceph 
clusters) for months with no ill effects. The FUSE client performs a lot 
worse than the kernel client, so I switched to the latter, and it's been 
working well with no deadlocks.

Hector Martin (hector at marcansoft.com)
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