[ceph-users] 3-node cluster with 3 x Intel Optane 900P - very low benchmarked performance (200 IOPS)?

Vitaliy Filippov vitalif at yourcmc.ru
Mon Mar 11 14:15:00 PDT 2019

These options aren't needed, numjobs is 1 by default and RBD has no "sync"  
concept at all. Operations are always "sync" by default.

In fact even --direct=1 may be redundant because there's no page cache  
involved. However I keep it just in case - there is the RBD cache, what if  
one day fio gets it enabled? :)

> how about adding:  --sync=1 --numjobs=1  to the command as well?

With best regards,
   Vitaliy Filippov

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