[ceph-users] Ceph block storage - block.db useless?

Mark Nelson mnelson at redhat.com
Tue Mar 12 06:43:41 PDT 2019

Our default of 4 256MB WAL buffers is arguably already too big. On one 
hand we are making these buffers large to hopefully avoid short lived 
data going into the DB (pglog writes).  IE if a pglog write comes in and 
later a tombstone invalidating it comes in, we really want those to land 
in the same WAL log to avoid that write being propagated into the DB.  
On the flip side, large buffers mean that there's more work that rocksdb 
has to perform to compare keys to get everything ordered.  This is done 
in the kv_sync_thread where we often bottleneck on small random write 

         | | |   |   |   | + 13.30% 

So on one hand we want large buffers to avoid short lived data going 
into the DB, and on the other hand we want small buffers to avoid large 
amounts of comparisons eating CPU, especially in CPU limited environments.


On 3/12/19 8:25 AM, Benjamin Zapiec wrote:
> May I configure the size of WAL to increase block.db usage?
> For example I configure 20GB I would get an usage of about 48GB on L3.
> Or should I stay with ceph defaults?
> Is there a maximal size for WAL that makes sense?
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