[ceph-users] RBD Mirror Image Resync

Vikas Rana vrana at vtiersys.com
Tue Mar 12 20:08:52 PDT 2019

Hi there,


We are replicating a RBD image from Primary to DR site using RBD mirroring.

On Primary, we were using 10.2.10.


DR site is luminous and we promoted the DR copy to test the failure.
Everything checked out good.


Now we are trying to restart the replication and we did the demote and then
resync the image but it stuck in "starting_replay" state for last 3 days.
It's a 200TB RBD image


:~# rbd --cluster cephdr mirror pool status nfs --verbose

health: WARNING

images: 1 total

    1 starting_replay



  global_id:   3ad67d0c-e06b-406a-9469-4e5faedd09a4

  state:       down+unknown

  description: status not found




#rbd info nfs/dir_research

rbd image 'dir_research':

        size 200TiB in 52428800 objects

        order 22 (4MiB objects)

        block_name_prefix: rbd_data.652186b8b4567

        format: 2

        features: layering, exclusive-lock, journaling


        create_timestamp: Thu Feb  7 11:53:36 2019

        journal: 652186b8b4567

        mirroring state: disabling

        mirroring global id: 3ad67d0c-e06b-406a-9469-4e5faedd09a4

        mirroring primary: false




So the question is, how do we know the progress of the replay and how much
its already completed and any ETA estimation on when it will go back to OK





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