[ceph-users] Move from own crush map rule (SSD / HDD) to Luminous device class

Denny Fuchs linuxmail at 4lin.net
Thu Mar 14 08:30:19 PDT 2019


in the beginning, I create separate crush rules for SSD and HDD pool ( 
six Ceph nodes), following this HOWTO:


Now I want to migrate to the standard crush rules, which comes with 
Luminous. What is the procedure here ?

# ceph osd crush rule create-replicated ssdpool default-ssd host ssd
# ceph osd pool set ssd-pool crush_rule ssdpool

# ceph osd crush rule create-replicated satapool default-hdd host hdd
# ceph osd pool set sata-pool crush_rule satapool

and wait, until everything is done ?

cu denny

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