[ceph-users] Intel D3-S4610 performance

Alexandre DERUMIER aderumier at odiso.com
Thu Mar 14 09:04:58 PDT 2019


I'm running dc p4610 6TB (nvme), no performance problem.

not sure what is the difference with d3-s4610.

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Objet: [ceph-users] Intel D3-S4610 performance

Hi everyone, 

I have an Intel D3-S4610 SSD with 1.92 TB here for testing and get some pretty bad numbers, when running the fio benchmark suggested by Sébastien Han ( [ http://www.sebastien-han.fr/blog/2014/10/10/ceph-how-to-test-if-your-ssd-is-suitable-as-a-journal-device/ | http://www.sebastien-han.fr/blog/2014/10/10/ceph-how-to-test-if-your-ssd-is-suitable-as-a-journal-device/ ] ): 

Intel D3-S4610 1.92 TB 

--numjobs=1 write: IOPS=3860, BW=15.1MiB/s (15.8MB/s)(905MiB/60001msec) 

--numjobs=2 write: IOPS=7138, BW=27.9MiB/s (29.2MB/s)(1673MiB/60001msec) 

--numjobs=4 write: IOPS=12.5k, BW=48.7MiB/s (51.0MB/s)(2919MiB/60002msec) 

Compared to our current Samsung SM863 SSDs the Intel one is about 6x slower. 

Has someone here tested this SSD and can give me some values for comparison? 

Many thanks in advance, 


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