[ceph-users] nautilus: dashboard configuration issue

Daniele Riccucci devster at posteo.net
Sat Mar 16 19:11:20 PDT 2019

I have a small cluster deployed with ceph-ansible on containers.
Recently, without realizing that ceph_docker_image_tag was set to latest 
by default, the cluster got upgraded to nautilus and I was unable to 
roll back.
Everything seems to be running smoothly except for the dashboard.

$ ceph status

     id:     d5c50302-0d8e-47cb-ab86-c15842372900
     health: HEALTH_ERR
             Module 'dashboard' has failed: IOError("Port 8443 not free 
on '::'",)

I already have a service running on port 8443 and I don't need SSL so I ran:

	ceph config set mgr mgr/dashboard/ssl false


	ceph config set mgr mgr/dashboard/server_port <myport>

according to the docs, to change this behavior.
Running `ceph config dump` returns the following:

WHO MASK LEVEL    OPTION                     VALUE    RO
mgr      advanced mgr/dashboard/server_port  8088     *
mgr      advanced mgr/dashboard/ssl          false    *

By dumping the configuration I found that 2 keys were present:

$ ceph config-key dump
     "config/mgr/mgr/dashboard/server_port": "8088",
     "config/mgr/mgr/dashboard/ssl": "false",
     "config/mgr/mgr/dashboard/username": "devster",
     "mgr/dashboard/key": "<certificate>",
     "mgr/dashboard/crt": "<certificate>"

which likely are the SSL certificates. I deleted them, disabled the 
module and re-enabled it, however the following happened:

$ ceph status
     id:     d5c50302-0d8e-47cb-ab86-c15842372900
     health: HEALTH_OK

$ ceph mgr module ls | jq .enabled_modules

$ ceph mgr services
   "prometheus": "http://localhost:9283/"

Dashboard seems enabled but unavailable.
What am I missing?
Thank you.


P.S. what is the difference between `ceph config` and `ceph config-key`?

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