[ceph-users] Rebuild after upgrade

Hector Martin hector at marcansoft.com
Sun Mar 17 22:06:41 PDT 2019

On 18/03/2019 13:24, Brent Kennedy wrote:
> I finally received approval to upgrade our old firefly(0.8.7) cluster to 
> Luminous.  I started the upgrade, upgrading to hammer(0.94.10), then 
> jewel(10.2.11), but after jewel, I ran the “ceph osd crush tunables 
> optimal” command, then “ceph –s” command showed 60% of the objects were 
> misplaced.  Now the cluster is just churning while it does the recovery 
> for that.
> Is this something that happens when upgrading from firefly up?  I had 
> done a hammer upgrade to Jewel before, no rebalance occurred after 
> issuing that command.

Any time you change the CRUSH tunables, you can expect data movement. 
The exact impact can vary from nothing (if no changes were made or the 
changes don't impact your actual pools/CRUSH rules) to a lot of data 
movement. This is documented here:


In particular, you turned on CRUSH_TUNALBLES5, which causes a large 
amount of data movement:

Going from Firefly to Hammer has a much smaller impact (see the CRUSH_V4 

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