[ceph-users] mgr/balancer/upmap_max_deviation not working in Luminous 12.2.8

Xavier Trilla xavier.trilla at clouding.io
Mon Mar 18 06:02:56 PDT 2019


For one of our Ceph clusters, I'm trying to modify the balancer configuration, so it will keep working until it achieves a better distribution.

After checking the mailing list, looks like that the key controlling this for upmap is mgr/balancer/upmap_max_deviation but it does not seem to make any difference (even after restarting the active mgr daemon) and I keep getting the "Error EALREADY: Unable to find further optimization,or distribution is already perfect" message when trying to create a new plan.

On the other side, if I download the map and I use the osdmaptool and specify the --upmap-deviation parameter it works as expected.

Here is the output of ceph config-key dump:

    "mgr/balancer/active": "1",
    "mgr/balancer/max_misplaced": "0.01",
    "mgr/balancer/mode": "upmap",
    "mgr/balancer/upmap_max_deviation": ".002"

Any ideas?


Xavier Trilla P.

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