[ceph-users] Blustore disks without assigned PGs but with data left

Xavier Trilla xavier.trilla at clouding.io
Mon Mar 18 06:59:17 PDT 2019

Hi there,

We have some small SSDs we use just to store radosgw metadata. I'm in the process of replacing some of them, but when I took them out of the ruleset I use for the radosgw pools I've seen something weird:

21   ssd   0.11099  1.00000  111GiB 26.4GiB 84.8GiB 23.75 0.34   0         osd.21
31   ssd   0.13899  1.00000  139GiB 22.9GiB  116GiB 16.48 0.24   0         osd.31
94   ssd   0.22299  1.00000  223GiB 22.8GiB  200GiB 10.21 0.15   0         osd.94
95   ssd   0.22299  1.00000  223GiB 24.0GiB  199GiB 10.78 0.15   0         osd.95

As you can see, each of them still has like 20 some GB of data, but 0 PGs. Is this related to bluestore WAL and block.db? Or there is something weird going on here?


Xavier Trilla P.

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