[ceph-users] Rados Gateway using S3 Api does not store file correctly

Dan Smith dan.smith.11221122 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 18 11:38:41 PDT 2019


I have stored more than 167 million files in ceph using the S3 api. Out of
those 167 million+ files, one file is not storing correctly.

The file is 92MB in size. I have stored files much larger and much smaller.
If I store the file WITHOUT using the Customer Provided 256-bit AES key
using Server Side encryption, the file stores and retrieves just fine
(SHA256 hashes match).

If I store the file USING the 256-bit AES key using Server Side encryption,
the file stores without error, however, when I retrieve the file and
compare the hash of the file I retrieve from ceph against the hash of the
original file, the hashes differ.

If I store the file using Amazon S3, using the same AES key and their
server side encryption the file stores are retrieves using out issue
(hashes match).

I can reproduce this issue in two different ceph environments. Thankfully,
the file I am storing is not confidential, so I can share it out to anyone
interested in this issue.(

I have opened a ticket with our vendor for support, but I am hoping someone
might be able to give me some ideas on what might be going on as well.

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