[ceph-users] SSD Recovery Settings

Brent Kennedy bkennedy at cfl.rr.com
Tue Mar 19 20:36:04 PDT 2019

I setup an SSD Luminous 12.2.11 cluster and realized after data had been
added that pg_num was not set properly on the default.rgw.buckets.data pool
( where all the data goes ).  I adjusted the settings up, but recovery is
going really slow ( like 56-110MiB/s ) ticking down at .002 per log
entry(ceph -w).  These are all SSDs on luminous 12.2.11 ( no journal drives
) with a set of 2 10Gb fiber twinax in a bonded LACP config.  There are six
servers, 60 OSDs, each OSD is 2TB.  There was about 4TB of data ( 3 million
objects ) added to the cluster before I noticed the red blinking lights.


I tried adjusting the recovery to:

ceph tell 'osd.*' injectargs '--osd-max-backfills 16'

ceph tell 'osd.*' injectargs '--osd-recovery-max-active 30'


Which did help a little, but didn't seem to have the impact I was looking
for.  I have used the settings on HDD clusters before to speed things up (
using 8 backfills and 4 max active though ).  Did I miss something or is
this part of the pg expansion process.  Should I be doing something else
with SSD clusters?





Existing Clusters:

Test: Luminous 12.2.11 with 3 osd servers, 1 mon/man, 1 gateway ( all
virtual on SSD )

US Production(HDD): Jewel 10.2.11 with 5 osd servers, 3 mons, 3 gateways
behind haproxy LB

UK Production(HDD): Luminous 12.2.11 with 15 osd servers, 3 mons/man, 3
gateways behind haproxy LB

US Production(SSD): Luminous 12.2.11 with 6 osd servers, 3 mons/man, 3
gateways behind haproxy LB




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