[ceph-users] ceph-osd 14.2.0 won't start: Failed to pick public address on IPv6 only cluster

Simon Ironside sironside at caffetine.org
Wed Mar 20 12:41:34 PDT 2019

Hi Everyone,

I'm upgrading an IPv6 only cluster from 13.2.5 Mimic to 14.2.0 Nautilus. 
The mon and mgr upgrades went fine, the first OSD node unfortunately 
fails to restart after upgdating the packages.

The affected ceph-osd logs show the lines:

Unable to find any IPv4 address in networks 'MY /64' interfaces ''
Failed to pick public address.

Where MY/64 is the correct IPv6 public subnet from ceph.conf.
Should the single quotes after interfaces be blank? It would be on bond0 
in my case, just in case that's relevant.

The upgrade from 13.2.4 to 13.2.5 went without a hitch.
I've obviously not gone any further but any suggestions for how to proceed?


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