[ceph-users] Access cephfs from second public network

Andres Rojas Guerrero a.rojas at csic.es
Fri Mar 22 01:24:57 PDT 2019

Ok, thank you for the answer, yes, we have note that we need to add a
frontend and backend in haproxy to allow the access to mds.

Otherwise, we test another architecture, more simple to understand who
cpeh works at this level), replacing the haproxy with a simple gateway.
Now the clients contact with MON and MDS  through this gateway and we
see two behaviors:

1- The clients cephfs access only works if we route all OSD traffic
through gateway with first public networks.

2- If we don't route this traffic because we suppose that the cepfs
client connect with the OSD directly through the second public network (
the OSD have access to this second public network) mount action doesn't
work, why?, It looks like the client only try to connect with OSD
through the first public network and not through the second. Our
question is how ceph warn to cephfs client to use this second public

Thank you again!!


On 21/3/19 22:22, Paul Emmerich wrote:
> clients also need to access the OSDs and MDS servers
> Paul

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