[ceph-users] Access cephfs from second public network

Burkhard Linke Burkhard.Linke at computational.bio.uni-giessen.de
Fri Mar 22 01:54:24 PDT 2019


just my 2 ct:

Clients do not access the MDS directly, e.g. you do not use the IP 
address of a MDS in the mount command.

Clients contact the MONs and retrieve the MDS map, which contains all 
filesystems and their corresponding MDS server(s). The same is also true 
for the OSDs. The clients thus use the MONs' view of the cluster. I'm 
not familar with multiple IP address setups, but I would bet that a 
client is not able to select the correct public network.

You can check your setup on the OSD/MDS hosts (are the OSDs/MDSs bound 
to the second network at all?), and in /sys/kernel/debug/ceph/<ceph 
client id>. The later contains the current versions of the MON map, MDS 
map and OSD map. These are the settings used by the client to contact 
the corresponding daemon (assuming kernel cephfs client, ceph-fuse is 



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