FrameMaker Internal Error -- Visio and "...lost image data"

Art Campbell art.campbell at
Fri Jun 20 08:16:23 PDT 2008

If you search back through the archives and/or visit the Frame user's
forum on, you'll see that this has been a pretty common
topic since Microsoft released SP3 for XP. They included some security
fixes to OLE that have effectively broken it, at least as far as
managing objects in Frame go.

Only reported fix is backing out of SP3.

Or you can convert the Visio objects to PDF, PNG, or other graphic
files and import them by reference.

May want to nag Microsoft some, if you think that would have an effect. ;- )

Of course, if you're not using XP and haven't installed SP3, something
else is at work, but I didn't see any system or FM version details in
your post. Which would be important in solving the problem if it is
something else.


On Fri, Jun 20, 2008 at 10:35 AM, Brian Weis <bweis.wordsmith at> wrote:
> Yesterday, I encountered this error in FM:  "An internal error occurred
> while writing imported graphics in this document. The file has been saved,
> but has lost some image data. Please report this error to Adobe Technical
> Support."
> I close the error dialog, and then try to close the file ... but I am
> prompted once again to save it before closing. I am now in a loop until I
> break the cycle by clicking "No" in the save prompt. Contrary to the error
> message's statement that the file has been saved, I find that none of my
> changes, text or otherwise, are in the file. With a little more work, I am
> able to determine that a Visio object must be the culprit.

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