[sepia] VM users on vercoi

Dan Mick dmick at redhat.com
Wed Sep 2 20:55:47 PDT 2015

I've started the process of identifying the VMs on vercoi machines, as
we'll need to take any that are still useful and move them off the
vercoi (so they can go back to Dell).  I made some reasonable progress
identifying and culling machines, but there's a large list, and a set
left that I'm not sure about.  Before I start talking to people directly
about things I think they own, I thought I'd report on progress so far.

To that end, I have a GDoc:


Please have a look, and, particularly for the ones that are still white,
identify them if they're yours (claim them in the 'owner' field) and let
me know if they are still needed.

(If you happen to see ones that got deleted that you still needed, uh,

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