[sepia] cloud usage audit

Yuri Weinstein yweinste at redhat.com
Fri Oct 19 14:33:03 PDT 2018

> The teutholgoy nodes seem like the biggest target.  I see lots of cron
> jobs scheduling runs against them, but I'm not sure if those tests have to
> run there vs on bare metal, or if the results are even looked at closely.
> I'm advocate minimizing the teuthology footprint to what we need (e.g.,
> tests that require the broader range of distros than what we have via
> fog).

What do you have in mind?

> > Public Infra = {tracker,docs,www,download,status.sepia}.ceph.com
> > Permanent CI = chacra (x6), shaman (x3), jenkins (x2), prado
> > Ephemeral    = Ephemeral Jenkins slaves and ovh### Sepia testnodes
> > Other        = A couple VMs called packages-repository and teuthology
> > (unsure if these are used for anything anymore)
> >
> > We could potentially run the permanent CI in the Sepia lab if we used
> > 20-30TB of space on the LRC for Chacra nodes.
> Are those nodes serving data to the outside world, or is that all coming
> from download.ceph.com?  The bandwidth in/out of the lab is somewhat
> limited IIRC.  That issue aside, I'm all for pulling this in.  We might
> need to be careful to avoid the lab cluster as we dogfood release
> candidates there and I don't want to get into a situation where we can't
> build ourselves a fix.
> sage
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